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October issue

Page 5 and 14.

The Diamond Surgical Retractor



The Diamond Surgical Retractor (patent pending) is designed to allow the surgeon to open the wound or surgical incision by pinching the ends of the retractor together. The retractor has several advantages as it is designed to hold tissue along the retractors blades as opposed to current surgical retractor designs which only hold tissue for a short segment within the surgical wound. Because the Diamond surgical retractor can hold tissue along the border of the blade it improves the visual field in which the surgeon can operate. This retractor is also designed to use a bilateral force to stabilize the retractor along the surgical wound which decreases the chance the retractor will slip or migrate within the wound.



The Diamond surgical retractor allows for greater access to the surgical site or wound because of its ability to hold tissue at all points. The retractor is designed as a self-retaining retractor for open and minimally invasive surgery. Sharper Engineering has designed multiple lengths, shapes and blade sizes to allow surgeons from all specialities to use the device effectively. If you would like to try the Diamond Surgical Retractor please email us at info@sharperengineering.com.

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"As an orthopaedic surgeon, I really like these instruments. The Diamond and Square Retractors could become the standard for hip fracture surgery and spine surgery, among a few."

James D. Hundley, MD