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October issue

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The Square Surgical Retractor

Square Square

The Square Surgical Retractor (patent pending) was designed for the surgeon to use a pinching force to close the retractor and allow for insertion into the wound or surgical incision. Once the surgeon releases the retractor the natural spring force of the retractor opens the retractor to hold the tissue open. This design is simple to use and works very well for patients in the field, emergency room patients and incisions in the operating room. Because both sides of the retractor have a force against the tissue, the retractor is much more stable in holding back the tissue than current retractor designs which have a unilateral force against the tissues (which allows for tissues to slip from the retractor).


Open Retractor


The retractor is closed by squeezing


The retractor is released and naturally opens

The Square surgical retractor has no movable parts to breakdown, get tissue or fluid in a hinge or cause damage to tissue from pinching. The retractor is simple to use by squeezing the middle together and then inserting into wound. Once released the retractor naturally opens to expose the wound as demonstrated above.

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"As an orthopaedic surgeon, I really like these instruments. The Diamond and/or the Square Retractors could become the standard for hip fracture surgery and spine surgery, among a few."

James D. Hundley, MD