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Neo-Grip Surgical Instruments

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The advantages of the Neo-grip Surgical Handle are the ergonomic design and the quick release ratchet. The Neo-grip Handle is designed to fit comfortably and securely in the palm of the hand. The quick release ratchet is designed to unlock by applying a gentle inward pressure on the two shanks between the base of the thumb and the fourth and fifth digit. The Neo-grip surgical instruments can be rotated in the hand so the instrument is always in line with the surgeons wrist and hand as they relate to the surgical site.

To unlock a standard instrument with a conventional ratchet and ring handle, the fourth and fifth digits must stabilize the instrument while a lateral force is applied by the base of the thumb. This lateral force unlocks the instrument but causes undo stress on the carpal joints and allows the instrument to rotate and slip if not properly secured in the palm of the hand by the fourth and fifth digits.

The Neo-grip Surgical Instruments are designed to perform several functions:

  1. Work ergonomically with the surgeons wrist and hand.
  2. Decrease the clutter within the surgical site by decreasing the area needed to clamp, hold and suture tissues and vessels.
  3. Be used by either left or right handed surgeons efficiently and effectively.
  4. Decrease fatigue and muscle cramps of the hand and wrist.
  5. Work efficiently in tight spaces.

Palm and Pencil Grip using the Neo-Grip Surgical Instrument

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"I was curious because over the years when I was practicing surgery I developed a callous on the palmar aspect of my distal first metacarpal crease from the handle of needle holders and forceps! And now a novel surgical instrument design that works with the surgeon’s hand to relieve these unwanted pressures when performing surgical procedures is a welcome change. I recommend the Neo-grip Surgical Instruments to all my colleagues."

Dr. George Jacob, MD, DOrtho, DMHS, Retired Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

"These new surgical instruments are unique. They balance well in the palm of your hand and can be used one handed with the greatest of ease. They are also ergonomically sound and reduce cramping and fatigue particularly in lengthy intricate procedures. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any surgeon who wants the best available instruments with which to operate."

Dr. Harry J. Griffiths MD , LRCP.MRCS Professor of Radiology and Orthopaedic Surgery